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Delivering advanced insights to senior care professionals

Our most innovative solution enhances the precision of care by reducing costs, maximizing reimbursement, and improving outcomes.

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Keys to improvement are hidden in Senior Care’s BIG data challenge. Combining the knowledge of our client subject matter experts and the latest technologies like AI and ML. VIBE unlocks the early warning signs needed to improve your business and quality of care.

VIBE is designed specifically for Senior Care Communities and Facilities by coordinating census, labor, accounts receivable, satisfactions scores, custom reporting, quality measures, Five-Star quality rankings and so much more. With different level viewing, VIBE pulls real-time data directly from applications and conveys graphic perspectives of operations performance. VIBE collects data from your disparate systems into a single platform allowing for enhanced reporting of your most critical data. 

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VIBE is meticulously crafted for the Long-Term Care sector

Our Purpose: Your Team

Whether we are working with the CEO or a CNA, our services enable all areas of a senior living community to receive real-time data that allows you and your team to provide better service to patients and residents.

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Executive Leadership Team

Executive leaders across the senior care industry drive innovation and enhance operational excellence. With the VIBE Executive Dashboard, you can transform your best practices into easily understandable analytics. Instead of relying on the financial department to generate reports, any member of your team can utilize our dashboard to interpret Accounts Receivable data.

Clinical Staff

Clinical staff members can optimize patient care and streamline healthcare operations. Our dashboard seamlessly integrates diverse data sets, providing a cohesive interface tailored for MDS coordination.

Financial Department

Financial professionals enhance the financial efficiency and sustainability of their communities. Our software seamlessly integrates into your workflow and existing systems, enhancing your financial capabilities with minimal effort. Embrace efficiency, work smarter, not harder.

Operations & Planning

Operations optimizes workflows and strategic planning, ensuring seamless operations. With VIBE, you can easily track and analyze staffing trends and ratios in your facility. Our comprehensive tools provide you with real-time data and insights to help you make informed decisions and ensure compliance with staffing requirements.


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Where Compassion Meets Innovation

Transforming Senior Care With Technology While Empowering Caregivers And Enhancing Patient Care

Empowering senior care clients through innovative software solutions. Our design-driven approach combines technology and compassion to make a difference. Our story is rooted in a heartfelt connection. The birth of our name, Blue Purpose, is a tribute to the caregivers who inspire us, particularly my mother, who embraced the role of a caregiver and was often adorned in a distinctive blue uniform.