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VIBE: Senior Care Simplified

The Most Powerful Tool in Long Term Care

Our most innovative solution enhances the precision of care by reducing costs, maximizing reimbursement, and improving outcomes.

Where Compassion Meets Innovation

Designed for senior care, utilizing the latest technology in AI and machine learning, to create a one stop shop for all your needs. Reduce your staff’s administrative burden while also improving the quality of care provided. One tool to streamline your meetings, identify risks, track admissions and readmissions, improve your QAPI and more. Equip your team with the tools for smarter, faster, more proactive care.

VIBE software by The Blue Purpose
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One Platform for All Your Needs

Offering an all inclusive set of solutions to help empower your organization and staff to deliver the best care possible.

Clinical-UR and triple check


Streamline meetings like UR and triple check while enhancing patient outcomes.

Increase residents and track performance


Boost census, drive occupancy, and utilize advanced tech to monitor/track referrals.


Track your agency usage, view your Labor trends and reduce overtime cost.

MDS Analytics

Predictive analytics and MDS analyzer+ to ensure the most accurate reimbursement.

Quality Measures

Track and trend your facility QMs, QRPs, and summarize areas of opportunities.


Utilize our Daily Huddle and To-Do tasks to empower and improve your communications. Reduce the administrative burden of daily meetings.

Clinical-UR and triple check


Debt collector tracking, AR tracking and trending, and real time tools to improve your collections.

Boost census and drive occupancy with VIBE


Eliminate spreadsheets and view your consolidated financial data as well as projected financials. Utilize tools such as our Capital Expenditure tracking, Rental tracking, and Penny Finder.


Advanced Care planning pinpoints critical risks to enhance your team’s ability to decrease hospital readmission.

State Survey Prep

Utilize our mock survey tool to stay up to date with regulations and identify opportunities in your facility prior to your site survey.

Clinical-UR and triple check

IT Insights

Take control of your inventory with our centralized tracking tool. Ensure all hardware is accounted for and being utilized.


Drill down into quality. Enhance your program with CMS’ QSEP education at your fingertips. Be a survey ready facility at all times.

Morning Meetings

Digitize your morning meetings with VIBE's comprehensive HUDDLE meeting tool and improve your communications.

Roll Up Reporting

Aggregate data from multiple sources or locations into a single, comprehensive report with Roll-Up reporting.

KPIs Orchestrator

An aerial view of KPIs with customizable goals and reporting allows easy access to identify areas for improvement

Opinions Matter

After experiencing VIBE, you’ll wonder how your organization ever ran without it!

"As a CEO, my top priority is ensuring operational and clinical excellence across all our facilities. VIBE has been instrumental in this regard, providing an Integrated and Holistic platform that allows us to seamlessly manage both operational and clinical aspects from one platform. This Data-Driven approach has empowered us to make informed decisions that enhance care quality and operational efficiency, keeping us ahead in a competitive market."

Chief Executive Officer Long-Term Care Facility

"Efficiency and cost management are crucial in our operations. VIBE has transformed our financial oversight with its Economical and Cost-Effective solutions, integrating the latest Predictive analytics to forecast financial trends and optimize budget allocations. This has not only saved us significant amounts of money but also enhanced our ability to plan strategically for future growth."

Chief Financial Officer Senior Living Chain

"Managing nursing staff and ensuring top-notch patient care can be challenging. VIBE's User-Friendly interface and Supportive tools have simplified our daily workflows, making information accessible in real-time. The Adaptive nature of the platform ensures we are always compliant with the latest health regulations, which is paramount in delivering safe and effective care."

Director Nursing Home

"In a role that demands strict adherence to healthcare regulations, VIBE's Compliant framework is a game-changer. It keeps us updated with real-time changes in legislation, reducing risks associated with non-compliance. The Secure environment that VIBE provides ensures that all patient and operational data are protected, which is critical for maintaining trust and integrity in our practices."

Compliance Officer Healthcare Company

"Overseeing multiple facilities requires a solution that is not only scalable but also responsive to the diverse needs of each location. VIBE has been exceptional in providing a Scalable and Responsive platform that adapts to different operational scales and needs. Its Strategic insights and Innovative technology, including AI and ML, have enabled us to improve service delivery and operational agility across our network, driving better outcomes for our residents and staff."

Regional Vice President

"In my role, having accurate and timely data is essential for making critical clinical decisions that impact patient care. VIBE’s advanced roll-up reporting is indispensable. It compiles comprehensive data from various sources into concise reports, giving us the insights needed to make impactful decisions swiftly. The Data-Driven capabilities of VIBE ensure that we are not only operating efficiently but also proactively managing patient outcomes. This Strategic advantage has allowed us to enhance the quality of care we provide, backed by solid evidence and analytics. VIBE has truly been a transformative tool in how we approach clinical strategy and operations."

Chief Clinical Officer Healthcare Organization