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Navigating the New CMS Long-term Care Facility Assessment Regulation with Blue Purpose VIBE

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the revised guidance for the Long-term Care Facility Assessment regulation (QSO-24-13-NH). This update is a significant part of the federal staffing mandate finalized last month, which impacts how long-term care facilities operate and ensure compliance. 

Key Regulatory Changes 

The regulatory requirements for facility assessments have been moved from 42 CFR 483.70 to 42 CFR 483.71. Additionally, existing regulations at 42 CFR 483.70(f) through (q) have been redesignated as paragraphs (e) through (p), respectively. It’s important to note that surveyors are now instructed to determine whether a facility assessment contains the required components under the regulation, rather than evaluating the quality of the assessment itself. 

These changes will take effect and must be implemented by August 8, 2024. 

CMS QSO-24-13-NH Digital Submission

New Compliance Areas for Facility Assessments 

The updated guidance includes several critical areas that facilities must address in their assessments to ensure compliance.These areas include: 

Resident Population Evaluation:

The assessment must include an evaluation of the resident population and its needs (e.g., acuity) based on evidence-based, data-driven methods. 

Population Reflection:

he assessment should accurately reflect the facility’s resident population. 

Resident Capacity:

The assessment must address the facility’s resident capacity. 

Staffing Levels:

The assessment should include information on the staffing levels needed for different shifts (day, evening, night) and be adjusted as necessary based on changes to the resident population.

Resource Requirements:

The assessment must indicate what resources, including equipment, supplies, services, personnel, health information technology, and the physical environment, are required to meet all resident needs.

Skills and Competencies:

The assessment must address what skills and competencies are required by those providing care. 

Staff Recruitment and Retention:

The facility must have a plan for maximizing the recruitment and retention of direct care staff.

Regulatory Input:

The assessment should be conducted with input from the individuals stated in the regulation (483.71(b)).

Contingency Plan:

The facility assessment must include a contingency plan that is informed by the assessment itself.

How VIBE Can Help  

The Blue Purpose VIBE platform is designed to assist long-term care facilities in navigating these new regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively. VIBE’s advanced data management capabilities ensure that your facility can conduct thorough and accurate evaluations of the resident population based on evidence-based, data-driven methods. With VIBE, you can easily assess staffing levels, ensuring that your facility meets the regulatory requirements and adapts to changes in the resident population.


The revised CMS guidance for Long-term Care Facility Assessments introduces important changes that facilities must address by August 8, 2024. Blue Purpose VIBE is here to help you navigate these changes seamlessly, ensuring that your facility remains compliant and continues to provide the highest quality of care to your residents.

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